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Why Andrew Young (Dr. Dre) And Nicole Young Are A Perfect Soul Mates

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“Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate.”
~Barnett R. Brickner

Nicole Threatt and Dr. Dre

Barnett R. Brickner couldn’t have said it better, marriage really is being the right mate. And you don’t see those examples often in the world—it does. It just hides because for whatever reason, people like to focus on the negative aspects of nearly everything. The celebrity lime-light is constantly drowned with negative news and harsh criticism. When you can look in the mirror every day and attempt to become a better person than you were yesterday, success finds you, love finds you and apparently a happy marriage can find you as well.

Did you know Dr. Dre has been happily married to his beautiful wife Nicole Threatt Young for nearly two decades? The two got married when I was only 6-years-old(1996). And it wasn’t all just luck because like everyone one of us we all have trials. But Andrew Young has overcome his past and became the man he is today.  Nicole has a lot to do with the changes he has made and I’m proud of them both. Dr. Dre(Andrew Young) has always been passionate about the hobbies in his life from music to family and to love.

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And he has even said so himself, stating:

“I’m really protective of my family, myself and my image. It’s one of the reasons for my longevity in the business. I’m not a person that really gives a fuck about being on camera or people taking pictures of me. I like being to myself. I have my designated events. I do like to party and have fun but in controlled environments, like the room you’re sitting in right now.”

That’s the way to be man, you’re one of a kind and deserve the best. Keep bein’ you. And do you have any old school favorites by Andrew Young? If so let us know which ones and we’ll do a review on the song and music video!

Blessed Be!

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