The Changes You Make Distinguish You Among The Sheep

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ErnestErnest Hemingway once said “every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.” It really makes me ponder the way that I’m currently living my life and the things that I have endured up until this very living, breathing second. It’s true, we all have the power to make ourselves stand out among the rest of the crowd, to be unique and change the world in a sense but we must first change ourselves.

Life is far from easy and impossible to comprehend some days and other’s life is good. What happens when life is bad to you? Do you choose to let it define you? Are you mean to others because life was mean to you? And what happens when life is good to you? Are you thankful and do you pay it forward? I’m not sure I pay it forward half as much as I should be because there are so many people in the world need assistance right now.  There are people who are sad, lonely, depressed, bullied and on edge, how can you make a difference?

This distinguishes you from the rest because when you choose to help someone in need, you choose to change a life, two actually because yours is always included. When you take the time to be a human, with feelings, real raw emotions and make positive changes, you create memories and lessons to share with your children. And those are the things that go down in generations for years and years to come. The story that was once you is now, “I remember when your grandmother and I were cooking,” to “I remember when my mom told me about her mother’s secret to happiness and now I’m going to show you.”

Being a leader isn’t about having the most money or being the fittest or best dressed—being a leader is about doing right, choosing to turn the other cheek and live a life that makes you stand out from the rest of the people who chose to blend in with society and do nothing besides let life pass right before their own eyes.  Every second you have is a blessing because like they say, your taking a breath while someone is taking their last.

Would you die knowing that you stood out among the rest? And did you try to make a difference even in your community? If not, maybe—today is that day for you to change. And if it’s not today it’s tomorrow but remember to never leave what can be done TODAY for TOMORROW.

Even Michael Jackson said to look in the mirror, now, I have some changes to make, don’t you?


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Blessed Be.

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