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Sin City(2005), Captivating Cinematography

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sincity147If you’re looking for a good film flooded with corrupted pigs, criminals and sexy mistresses, looking to gain vengeance and redemption then you’re in the right place. I absolutely adored that the film Sin City wasn’t afraid to venture into darker themes—like the town where the story takes place, Basin City. The film takes on three characters who are all caught in the trap of a violent corruption. The film was adapted from a comic (usually novel/comic adaptations never stay true to the storyline), but Sin City stayed as true to the comic as possibleperfection in my opinion.

Especially the cinematography in the film was beautiful, every scene, every shot was perfect, literally flawless.

And when it comes to a screenplay adaption, there’s always adjustment because the media, frankly, requires the changes in order to fit production. Sin City landed over 24 win and 34 nominations. And world wide the film made 99 million-dollars. And it was also filmed in Austin, Texas. The creators did an absolute excellent job with their vision, as I would recommend the film to anyone looking for something that’s actually worth watching. And if you haven’t seen the trailer don’t forget to check it out below.

Those of our viewers that have seen Sin City, did you like it or hate it? Why? What would you like to have seen different, we want to know what YOU think!

Overall Rating: 8/10


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