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Run All Night, A Film That’s Jam Packed With Action

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Run All NightWhat happens when Jimmy Conlon, a Brooklyn hit man who is better known as “The Gravedigger,” has to face the fact that his son, Michael is marked for death by the mob. How would it feel to know that now your family, the people you love are in danger? The tables have turned and Jimmy must face Sean in order to protect his son Michael—however he can. The film is packed with action and excitement, keeping the viewer drawn at all times. And when you have to deal with corrupted cops and contract killers, well, it’s going to be a long ride.

The Cinematography was impressive—it really told the story. Especially where Martin Ruhe(cinematographer), shot the car chases, shootings and fight scene within a burning apartment. His talent shows behind the camera and when it comes to capturing beautiful shots—Martin Ruhe makes it look easy. I loved every aspect of the unique cinematic effects used and how the creators weren’t afraid to venture with technique. Run All Night had a 50 mil budget and brought in a total of 55 million-dollars worldwide. And it’s not surprising because the acting, the stunts and the plot were fantastic. There wasn’t a single thing I would change about the film. If you haven’t seen it yet, I would recommend you grabbing a date and hitting the theaters.

And it’s not one of those films you want to hit it and leave it. It’s a keeper. Check out the creators and trailer below! And if you have seen “Run All Night,” we want to know what you thought, what was your favorite part of the whole entire film? What did you think they could have done better?

Over all rating: 98/100

There’s always room for improvement.





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