Hector And The Search For Happiness(2014), Quirky And Fun

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HectorHector works as a psychiatrist, which is a little ironic because his life is full of many trials that eventually make him feel depressed. And since this is a film with Simon Pegg as the star, you can’t bet your dollar that it’s going to be filled with a hilarious plot. And on a more serious note, “Hector And The Search For Happiness,” is a film that many people can relate with because we all have messy, scrambled lives. The cards that life dealt Hector will have you sitting at the edge of your seat.

I do think that the film could have pushed more comedy, but I feel that the choices that were made, were done with great taste and good thought. Regardless, the film is a must see because it really will have you laughing even with the cliché’s throughout the film. “Hector And The Search For Happiness,” is one film I would recommend watching because of the quirkiness. I can also the cinematography was great, excellent work to the cast and crew.

And after you watch the “ Hector And The Search For Happiness,” we want to know what you thought. Have you already watched the film? Tell us your thoughts because we want to know what YOU think about the film? If it’s unique enough we will feature your review on our website.

Over all Rating: 80/100



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