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Into The Woods(2014)

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into the woods

Starring: Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, Emily Blunt, Chris Pine, James Corden,  Lilla Crawford, and Daniel Huttlestone
Directed by: Rob Marshall

I love Christmas time in Hollywood—so many people go about writing movies in a much more positive manner—maybe it’s just that people, most people like the Holidays. Either way, Hollywood never fails to attempt to recreate a Broadway film to entertain millions all over the world. Into The Woods is an adaptation of a popular Broadway musical.  I thoroughly enjoyed the cinematography, it was stunning. My favorite song in the film is called “You Are Not Alone,” and the cinematography in that scene is breath-taking. Any viewer would appreciate the beauty of the film’s scenes.  And the acting was great as well. I thought all of the actors fit their parts perfectly, especially Anna Kendrick. She just looked stunning the entire time and really knew how to grab us with her emotions. Merly Streep, it’s a given, she’s fantastic and she looks it, acts it and IS fantastic. Great job, Meryl, you should be proud.

I love the film because you can watch it with the family and it keeps you focused—it’s not boring and Into The Woods isn’t a one hit wonder. The choice is yours, but only after you check out the Trailer below! And you have already watched Into The Woods, what did you think? Do you think you could see your-self owning a copy of the DVD? We want to know what YOU think!


Overall Rating: 80/100



  • Director Rob Marshall
  • Writers James Lapine (Screenplay) (Musical) | Stephen Sondheim (Musical)
  • Producers John DeLuca | Rob Marshall | Callum McDougall | Marc Platt
  • Composer Stephen Sondheim
  • Cinematographer Dion Beebe
  • Editor Wyatt Smith
  • Casting Directors Tiffany Little Canfield | Francine Maisler | Bernard Telsey
  • Production Designer Dennis Gassner


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