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What Stars Do You Think Will Be Wishing You A Happy Easter This 2015?

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jesusEaster is literally right around the corner and it’s such an important Holiday for so many people in the world.  And if you pay attention to some specific stars this Easter you might get to see a few spiritual tweets, in the past Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Jenny McCarthy, Kendall Jenner and Nicki Minaj have wished their family, friends and fans a Happy Easer via Twitter. And it makes it nice to know that some of the people we look up to believe in Christ.

Easter is a time to celebrate “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ,” from the dead. It’s described in the New Testament—occurring three days after his crucifixion. And for me it’s  a time to remember all that he has done for us, dying for our sins and forgiving us. That is what a father would do for his children. And that’s exactly what Jesus Christ did for you and I. I’m not telling you to believe in God because Justin Bieber does—but from a Christians point of view, seeing these posts are quite refreshing.

So, if you believe in the spirit and you want to feel the spirit and see how your favorite talent is doing, then check their twitter on Easter and see how they spend the day. We all have different cultures and beliefs and regardless what or who you believe is “God,” if you even believe in a God. I just think it’s pretty fun to see who is spiritual and what types of different celebrations will come Easter 2015.

Are there anything you and your family do that might be out of the ‘norm,’ for most people? If so we would love to hear your family tradition. If it makes us smile, feel the spirit and giggle then we would love to feature it on our website(conditions and terms = you have full credit).






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