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Nick Canon And Mariah Carey Are Excellent Parents

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Miarah Carey, Nick Canon It’s always such a peaceful feeling to be with family during the Holidays. And it’s quite obvious that Mariah Carey and Nick Canon are wonderful parents. They got together this Easter Sunday to celebrate with a nice Easter egg hunt. And the kids look like they are having a blast—even Mariah looks super excited to be on the egg hunt. And I love people in general that know how to end a friendship or relationship with the same respect that you started it—no matter what battles they are facing, the loving Mother and Father know how to put their kids first and that alone shows what wonderful parents they truly are to their children.

Nick Canon opened up to E! News about his family over the last month, stating:

“Family is the number one priority, it’s always making sure that you make that connection first,” and that’s true family does need to come first and it’s quite obvious he’s serious about his statements because they’re more than words, they are promises. And so far he’s kept them close to his heart.

I think the two are doing an excellent job at being parents and enjoying this Easter Sunday as a family. And I hope that everything continues to go smoothly as time continues forward. Don’t you guys think that they are doing a great job—most people like to fight and bicker, each taken turns at having the children, but the example I see here is “family first,” it’s truly mature.

Nick Canon And Mariah Carey are excellent role-models for other parents going through trials. Just remember to leave your relationships and friendships with the same respect you started and everything will fall into the perfect place.

What did you guys do for Easter Sunday? Do you have a ‘special,’ family tradition? If so we want to hear form you!

Blessed Be & Happy Easter!

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