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Taylor Swift & Austin Swift Have An Aggressive Easter Egg Hunt

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Taylor Swift And Brother Egg Hunt 2

Today was a good day for an Easter egg hunt—even in our family. It was my brother, his wife, my husband and I, all searching for the chocolate peanut butter eggs! T-Dawg you’re absolutely a-dork-able. You were doing exactly what we did looking for those yummy Easter eggs.

Taylor couldn’t help but share the two hilarious videos with her fans—I mean you’re never too old for a egg hunt, right?

But it was pretty obvious she wasn’t wanting to lose, pulling, tugging and spinning around her brother Austin—not sure who ended up winning but it looked like a blast, T-dawg even went as far as to hint to the sitcom “FRIENDS,” stating:

“When your parents arrange a competative sibling Easter egg hunt, failing to take into account their children are Ross and Monica,” how freaking hilarious. And then she went on to make sure the worl knew she was in it to win it, stating:


What did you do for Easter? Do you’re parents still hide Easter egg’s(candy)? How do you celebrate your Eastern Holiday? Don’t forget to check out Taylor Swift and Austin Swift hunting for Easter egg candies below!



[yt4wp-video video_id=”JRaS9cUH9BM”]

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