Easter Weekend Was Good To Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin

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By lauraramonique

Jennifer Lawerence.Chris MartinEaster weekend was an excellent day for so many people—including Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence. It’ seems that the two had a nice romantic Easter weekend out in New York City.  The two have been together for quite a while now and they seem to be stronger than ever. It was Saturday when the two were spotted eating at New York City’s Tarven on Green. Then they were able to take a nice relaxing walk through Strawberry fields. It’s an area in Central Perk that’s completely dedicated to John Lennon—that sounds beautiful.

We’re not sure how serious the couple is but we support them either way—and if they are springing into love—yay! That’s always good news, it’s great to see people happy, smiling and becoming the best they can be with the help of their partner. I just think both Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence have good heads on their shoulders and they kinda’ match, ya know?

So, what do you guys think? Do you think Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are springing into love—or are they just friends?


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