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Selena Gomez Instagram Pictures Emulate Happiness!

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“When you go to bed at night and kneel by your bed side, do you find yourself praying like a robot? If so maybe you’re forgetting to look back throughout the day and thank God for the subtle things you have. So many people in the world have little to nothing—and we have enough to survive or a lot. You have to trust God when looking forward because a door has closed. He never closes a door without opening at least three others. He opens doors that only you can open and close because it’s your agency. And it’s important to give thanks for that. “

-Laurara Monique

How many people in Hollywood do you notice still thanking God in this present day? When I ask this question I mean, take a look back at Awards shows—I feel like when I’m watching it all I see is people thanking their producers, friends and creative talent. But have they all forgotten where the talent has come from, a God that has blessed them with the talent of music. Music is so powerful, you can do so much story-telling through music and film, it’s quite ridiculous.


And I’ve noticed not many people have that talent—either your super creative, great at problem solving or both. But usually it’s either you’re really creative or you’re not creative. One person that stands out among the rest when it comes to talent is Selena Gomez, she is always thanking God and saying uplifting and positive things to her family, friends and even her fans. She loves tweeting things that she feels good about—and who doesn’t enjoy Selena Gomez Instagram pictures? Especially ones of her smiling and jumping around, like a little ballerina.

Selena Gomez Instagram pictures make fans smile, laugh and feel good all at the same time, we love them just as much, they cute! ; )

Selena Gomez isn’t wrong, positive vibes rub off on people just as much as negativity. It’s what you put out into the world that decides what you bring into your life. I feel like if you’re a good person then you’re going to attract good people. And if your spiritual and positive you will attract those types of people as well. And my favorite if you really want something, see it and go for it because it will happen if you don’t give up. And the 22-year-old “I Want You To Know,” singer might be working hard in the studio but she didn’t forget to let us know, Selena Gomez is finally taking a break and also giving thanks, uploading this adorable picture to Instagram, with a caption, stating:

“Took a break from the studio to run and jump in the grass. Our God is so good!”

Awe—well we are glad that you’re getting a break and we can’t wait to see the new film, music and awesome positive tweets and vibes coming our way!

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