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Calvin Klein Ads With Justin Bieber Really Fake?

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Justin Bieber 4.10.2015Justin Bieber has been spending a little bit more time on Instagram lately but he’s mostly with his pals anyway. Justin Bieber posted this picture on Instagram. He’s just chilling. And as I was looking at the picture I remembered an article stating that all of his Calvin Klein images were fake and photo-shopped but if you take a close look at these pictures, I mean, look at those pecks, arms and belly.

Justin Bieber might look out of it in this new picture but it’s proof that he truly does have a nice bod—hey Justin have you thought about doing an axe commercial yet? I think you’d fit the part perfectly. The Biebs might not be your favorite man in the world but who cares, look at those abs!

So, if you truly thought the ad’s were faked and edited like crazy just take a look over at this picture, realize he’s sitting in a slumped position, relaxed and just listening to someone else talk or take the picture. Even if it was touched up a little bit, Justin Bieber still has the physical proof that he’s in good shape and he worked hard to get that way.

That’s what’s up!

And we want to hear what you think? Do you think that Justin Bieber touched up his Calvin Ad’s? We don’t I mean, hello, he’s like the chicken noodle soup commercial,mm mm good.

Blessed Be!

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