Madonna Kissing Drake On Stage During Coachella Performance

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Madonna and DrakeCoachella dominated the weekend and the line-up was excellent. Drake was even there to perform. And you’re not going to believe the crazy stunt Madonna pulled this time. During the performance Madonna prances onto the stage, while Drake is sitting in a chair. Madonna approaches Drake, grabs his head and begins to make out with him on Stage.

Yep—it looked like it got a little heated at Coachella. And as for Drake, he probably enjoyed it because after Madonna gave him some tongue he responded by saying:

“Oh shit, what the fuck just happened? Haha.” And the crowd went wild. Take a lot at the hilariously heated moment below! And don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the heated moment between Drake and Madonna. Do you think Madonna kissing Drake was too far for Coachella?








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