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Miley Cyrus Jumps On Motorcycle with Aquaman!

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Miley Cyrus With Fan


Miley Cyrus is such an upbeat person and her personality is just glistening, always. And when it comes to being fun, energetic and a little bit crazy(in a good way), she’s all of that and a bag a pitcher of vodka. Today, actually just about four hours ago Miley Cyrus jumped out of her car and get’s on this aqua colored motorcycle with a complete stranger—she totally made his day.

I mean that smile is like:

“Alright Miley, get ready, you’re about to have the time of your life. *Vrooom*” (LOL, am I wrong)? Either way, how awesome is it that she trusts her fans enough to just get on a motorcycle with them—some would call her stupid, crazy and even say she’s on drugs. But, I think she’s just enjoying her life and making the very best of it and that’s how you live, love and learn!

And if you haven’t seen just how wild Miley Cyrus is then make sure you check out her “Wrecking Ball,” it’s one video you’ll never forget with some excellent cinematography work and the song is very relatable. What do you lauraramoniquer’s think about the whole “jumping on a motorcycle with a stranger? Do you think that was a little too much or—she’s just bein’ Miley?

Blessed be Miley and stranger man!



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