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How To Train Your Dragon Netflix Series, On The Way!

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how to train your dragonHow many of our lauraramoniquer’s loved “How to Train Your Dragon?” Yeah, well, we really loved it as well and there’s good news, Netflix is creating an all-new original animated series. That means your children are going to be super excited because from all the reviews, kids adored the film. The cute series will involve Hiccup and Toothless in “Dragons: Race to the Edge,” testing the boundaries of Berk. They fall upon an old and ancient artifact, it was called, “Dragon Eye.”

And the eye has much more power than they thought as it leads them to discover dragons living in new lands. And they have to face dragon hunters—that also want to attain the secrets and power of the “Dragon Eye.”

The new-series will debut all of it’s episodes on June 26—so get excited! Oh, and here’s another kudos point for DreamWorks they are also planning to release “How to Train Your Dragon 3.” That film is looking to be released 2018—pretty loooong wait, if you ask me but I’m sure it will be worth it. Don’t forget to check out the trailer below. We want to know what our lauraramoniquer’s think about the new-series and news for the new film coming out in 2018!

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