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Change Never Happens By Chance—Never.

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Sometimes—I have a lot to say about a variety of different subjects, I can talk for hours on end about something I’m passionate about, that’s never a problem. I’m the type of person that just wants to see subtle changes in the world, mainly because the smallest ripples seem to cause the biggest waves. Life has it’s way of building you up and tearing you down. And sometimes when your really built up, it can get uglier than when your torn down and vice versa.

Like, why do I spend a lot of time thinking about a man that tore me down(my father)? Why do any of us spend a lot of time thinking about people we “love,” that seemingly tore us down and turned their backs on us? Do you sit there day in and out—maybe wondering what could have been, how you should have said something or maybe you expected more. Whatever the situation is you have to find the strength in you to move on from the past.  Life isn’t going to stop and wait for you to “feel,” better—it’s not meant to work that way. It just keeps on flowing, regardless what mind-state you’re currently feeling. That’s what I’ve learned over the last few months, you’ve got to be the woman that wakes up in the morning and makes the devil say, ‘ah shiiiiiiii.’

And if you’re a man, remember your worth and that you deserve to find a wonderful wife, if you don’t have one already. Remember this life also has the same promises for you as well. Just seek whatever dream your heart desires and make things happen. My dad never learned that he had to make changes in his life, for his life to change. Now, he’s lost my mother—deserted, everyone that he, so “loved,” while he sleeps with another woman. And the best part is, if he would have gotten a job, an apartment and proved to be a worthy man—he may have had a second chance with my mother.

Instead—he played pussy. And that’s why I’m disappointed in him. Man, he always used to say the weirdest shit, but that stuff wasn’t what made him less than a man. It was that he acted like a little boy afraid to do anything to stand up for his family. Learn from this if you’re in a sticky situation right now, just change—only if it’s for the better of course. Do you want to reach your full potential—and possibly beyond? Then… stand up, grab hold of life—and start kicking ass, for real.

You got this, just do it, now—not tomorrow!

Blessed Be

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