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Little Boy Refusing To Eat Octopus Touches Millions of Hearts!

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Veg kid cuteThe question of “If eating animals is humane,” has popped into a lot of people’s minds through out history. And that’s how “vegetarianism,” came into play all over the world. The diet is basically a commitment to abstain from any type of food that squeaked, mooed, cockadool dooe’d and so forth. And because people are all so different and we all have different mentalities’ it’s become common to find different types of “Vegetarians.” Being a vegetarian is a huge commitment because, in the present day there it’s almost impossible to find food that doesn’t contain meat. And if you’re looking to stay on that diet, it’s going to cost some extra money, unfortunately and it shouldn’t be “healthy food expensive, shitty food cheap,” it’s as though someone, somewhere, knows how bad types of food can be for a human.

Did you know that hot pockets were even ruled inedible for even dogs? That’s freaking insane!

That’s what strikes me—I remember when I thought about becoming a vegetarian. I knew it wouldn’t be simple for me because I love the taste of meat. But, when I went to the store to look at my options, they were all so expensive. Then I asked myself, “Why is ‘seemingly healthier,” food more expensive, if we are in fact supposed to eat meat? I’ve yet to find an answer, what do you think?  Today, while browsing the web the news-room found something, unique and precious—a little boy who knew eating animals was wrong.

And he made sure to tell his mom that animals shouldn’t be “dead,” and that he “likes them standing up.” A little boy that has possibly already decided on being a vegetarian? Our lauraramoniquer’s need to watch the video and let us know what you thought—it brought chills down my spine. Should we be eating animals? Why or why not? What are the medical consequences, what are the natural consequences in the ecosystem—we want to hear from YOU!


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( not a full list you can find more at Rational Wiki )

A primarily vegetable diet with some animal products (usually dairy and fish and/or poultry (“fins and feathers”), but often no red meat,) allowed. Flexitarians may choose to eat meat if they are satisfied with the health and life-quality of the animal killed, or when the meat is particularly delicious. The most common variant is pescatarian referring to eating only fish. This is frequently considered not truly vegetarian.
Vegetarianism Eating no animal products.
Lacto-ovo vegetarian A primarily vegetable diet with only dairy and eggs allowed (i.e. products that do not require the death of an animal).
Religious Many religions impose dietary restrictions on some or all of their believers, the most notable forms in the west being Kashrut in Judaism, Halal in Islam, and Lent abstinent restrictions in Catholicism andEastern Orthodox Christianity.

Medical vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is sometimes engaged in for medical reasons, especially in situations where meat is not well-tolerated by the patient, or where the patient is trying to lower his or her cholesterol.
Vegan No animal products consumed or allowed at all, including animal products used in clothing. Typically extends to things like honey as well, since it comes from bees.
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