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Madonna, a positive force for good

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MadonnaMadonna is a legend when it comes to pop music and most of our generation’s pop stars can trace inspiration to the Michigan born singer. She seemed to take a break for a while but has been back in force lately. She has so much to her name, she’s a singer, writer, actress, producer, director, dancer, philanthropist, mother, lover, celebrity and friend. She is truly the Queen of Pop and even today her music isn’t outdated, and perfectly matches the attitude of today’s teens. Madonna has been rocking the news lately with several stories related to her performances and we wanted to look back at some of the more positive things that Madonna the icon has been involved with. First off, let’s make sure you understand who we’re dealing with if you aren’t familiar already. With sales, Madonna is behind only The Beatles, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson, making her absolutely the Queen of Pop, especially with her continued success today.

Madonna is known almost as much for her efforts for charity as she is for her music. Although she’s associated with a few dozen charities, she has a huge focus on her own charity, Raising Malawi, and organization built to help the orphans of Malawi, those that are faced with extreme hardship and poverty. The organization has not been without controversy, as the President of Malawi himself claimed Madonna and her organization were exaggerating the problem, though Madonna retorted appropriately. Several other celebrities including Tom Cruise, Rihanna, and Jennifer Lopez are known to support Madonna’s organization, and Madonna has pledged to match any donation through the website from her own funds which is an incredible and generous undertaking by the pop idol. In addition to Raising Malawi, Madonna has thrown her support behind other charities such as Greenpeace, Make-A-Wish, and UNICEF. Madonna has always been a force for good, and continues to be one. It’s great to have her continued positive influence in this world, and we look forward what she has to do next!

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