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What Diplo Taught Us About Justin Bieber’s New Music!

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JB & Diplo

What Diplo Taught Us About Justin Bieber’s New Music

Diplo opened up to Billboard about their recent collaboration on Jack Ü collaboration “Where Are U Now,”  with Justin Bieber. And even Diplo commented on the Biebs talents, stating:

“Bieber’s so talented, he needs to just be himself and be by himself and work on his craft. He has a lot of people around; he has to find the right team to help him make something that’s going to stand alone.” Justin Bieber has been working really hard on doing more for himself. He’s been worrying less about expectations and doing what he enjoys in a mature manner. And it does seem like he’s starting to work on his craft with a little more “they expect this of me, so here it is,” attitudes, we love the style and change with “Where Are U now,” and it’s exciting to hear that Justin’s been working on new music.

Diplo feels like Justin is pretty chill and controlled, stating:

“He’s a cool guy and into cool music. But I think he’s controlled by the way his fans are.” And while that may as well be the case, it’s only because his big heart, the love for his Beliebers is immeasurable. And even Diplo thinks Justin’s pretty talented—he has heard some of the Biebs new records and he seems to be down with them, saying, “there’s a couple of good records.” And if Diplo agrees that Justin Bieber has talent—then who can disagree?

Beliebers are getting more excited with each passing day. The rumors about the Ariana Grande duet and Justin Bieber, the possible duo tour, down to the style of his hair, are making fans crazy. What do our lauraramoniquer’s think about the recent collaboration with Diplo? Did you think it was a huge change for the Biebs? And do you agree that Justin likes to tailor his music more for his fans? We want to hear what YOU think about Diplo’s comments.

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