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A Toast To The One And Only, Betty White

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92nd bdayWhen it comes to celebrity guts, few have the chops that Betty White emulates. She has lived throughout the rise and falls of Hollywood and has stayed current even until this day. Betty White showing how well she is able to stay current, even has an active twitter account. Betty White is an absolute legend and people all over the world adore her, and for good reason. She’s a loving soul, and has stories to tell from all sides of Hollywood, from the beginning to the present. This is a toast to you, Betty White, may your story continue for many years to go!

Betty's Twitter Avatar
Betty’s Twitter Avatar

While she may not have the presence of someone like Taylor Swift or Robert Downey Jr., she is certainly there which is impressive considering it’s been 76 amazing years since the legend landed her first role on radio, reading commercials and doing a little comedy. She continued on until, in 1949, she landed a role as co-host of a daily show named Hollywood on Television. Later in 1954 she even was granted a TV show of her own known as The Betty White Show. That was short lived, but her popularity began to grow far more in the 70s as she frequently appeared on several different talk shows and game shows.

She continued on with several different guest appearances in film and TV, and got a sitcom of her own in 1977. She began to work in a lot of comedy afterwards, appearing in TV sketches and comedic films. Then finally, in 1985, she began starring in what she is perhaps most known for – her role as Rose Nylund in Golden Girls. Golden Girls was an immensely successful TV seoldries, lasting for 7 years until 1992, and permanently rocketed as well as cemented Betty White into Hollywood fame. And now? It’s history. Betty White is already well known to you for what she’s done in the last decade. She appears on TV shows, in films, and is a delight for everyone. But what can we learn from Betty White? I think, a lot. She has shown herself to be what we hope every Hollywood star will become – a positive and moral influence to the world.

Although she had two previous marriages, Betty White found her true love in TV Personality Allen Ludden. And even after he passed away, unfortunately in 1981, she has stayed true to him when she need not. In an interview with Larry King when asked why she doesn’t remarry, Betty White replied, “Once you’ve had the best, who needs the rest?” Which is just an incredible statement when you take it all in. The amount of love she had for that man is so clear, and is what I think everyone deserves – someone you truly love from now until the end.

Betty White in Golden Girls
Betty White in Golden Girls

Betty White shows that the stereotype that religious people are backwards thinking and stuck in the past is absolutely false. Betty White is an active member of Unity Church, a Christian church that encourages people to pray and live how Jesus would even in the modern era. She believes in Jesus, believes in God, but is also open to science. One of her heroes according to Vanity Fair is Charles Darwin, White proves to be more forward thinking. She’s a self-described liberal as well as a registered Democrat, supporting Barack Obama in his campaign.

On the subject of homosexual rights, Betty White believes that people take too much interest in the affairs of others, and believes that people of any sexual orientation should be allowed to marry, because some homosexual couples have stronger ties than heterosexual. Betty White is a crusader for love, no matter who it is. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone can be forgiven. Harboring hatred for another human being can seem so much easier than forgiveness and love, but it’s only hurting you to do so. If you allow yourself to love unconditionally, it can change you, for the better.

Betty White has supported a huge variety of foundations in her long career, but her focus has primarily been on animals. She has been an outspoken animal welfare person since the early 1970s. She has worked primarily to help the L.A. Zoo, the Morris Animal Foundation, and the American Humane Association. She has attended as well as presented in several ceremonies related to the foundations. It’s known that White has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to these foundations, not including the time that she’s so generously donated.

It’s shown that Betty White is an incredibly generous, loving, and hard working person. I think that we can all take a page out of her book in some way or another. What have you learned today? About Betty White’s incredible generosity, her love for all people, her incredible and outstanding love for the man of her life, or the absolute persistence and hard work that she put into everything she’s worked on, proving that no matter how long it takes, if you persist and never give up, you will achieve your dreams. No matter how farfetched. This is a toast to you, Betty White. You’re amazing.

Betty White

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