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The Olsen Twins Oreo Sandwich With Victoria And David Beckham!

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1399412264_victoria-beckham-david-beckham-mary-kate-olsen-ashley-olsen-zoomThe Olsen twins may have forgotten the Chinese theme last night at the 2015 Met Gala—but they still look astonishing in their all black, Gothic attire. And when it comes to the Met Gala, well, it’s been an important part of their life since about 2005—always brining in the classy, unique signature styles and the theme never matters. Whether you adore the twins or not, you have to admit, they still are pretty cute. And they took some cute pictures with other A-list celebrities at Met Gala 2015.

And in the picture to the left, we have the Olsen twins an Oreo sandwich, the Olsen twins on the outside and Victoria and David Beckham on the inside—how adorable is that? The Beckhams were dressed in classy, sleek white attire, nearly matching one another’s outfits. Victoria looked especially gorgeous in the dress she designed, all on her own. The duo had a great night at the 2015 Met Gala. What did you think of the gothic attire that the Olsen twins chose to wear? Do you think it was alright to bring their own signature look to a themed party?

Some say yes—some say no.

Either way the girls looked great in their all black attire, especially posing next to the beautiful Victoria and the handsome, the one, the only DAAAAAVID BECKHAAAAAM.

Blessed Be!

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