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Marilyn Monroe Will Always Be A Classy Hollywood Icon!

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marilyn-monroe-3-andrew-fareMarilyn Monroe Will Always Be A Classy Hollywood Icon!

Marilyn Monroe could walk into rooms and if there was talking, it went silent, all eyes on the gorgeous Monroe. Marilyn was a Hollywood legend. She was able to go from living a life of poverty to attaining popularity, money and fame because the entire world adored Marilyn Monroe. She was the symbol of “what a real woman should look and act like,” for that time. It’s damn near impossible to capture the essence that made Monroe so perfect.  It all started in 1946 for the lovely lady, but she was still talent mixed in a pool with other talent.

Monroe was young, gorgeous and full of energy. Betty Grable was Fox’s main girl at the time, but Marilyn would soon be taking Betty Grable’s “glamour queen,” spot, taking Hollywood by storm with all her amazing talent and voice.  And despite all the popularity she gained on the big screen, she was always planning for the future, she loved looking forward and participating in all of the exciting bucket list items she had planned. And her career, it was just starting, there was so much more to do—who would have thought she would become the most gorgeous woman in Hollywood—there were many, but there was just “something,” about Marilyn Monroe, as they would state. In the book called “The complete films of Marilyn Monroe Lee Strasberg had a lot to say about the beautiful lady and they didn’t hold back about the type of personality she was, stating:

“I am truly sorry that the public who loved her did not have the opportunity to truly see her as we did, in many of the roles that foreshadowed what she would have become. Without a doubt she would have been one of the really great actresses of the stage. Now it is all at an end. I hope that her death will stir sympathy and understanding for a sensitive artist and woman who brought joy and pleasure to the world. I cannot say goodbye. Marilyn never liked goodbyes. but in the peculiar way she had of turning things around so that they faced reality. I will say au revior. For the country to which she has gone, we must all some day visit.”

She was a wonderful actress and woman—who put those she loved first. And my favorite film to this day is called “Some Like It Hot,” it was during that film that I loved the worked and talents of the one and only Marilyn Monroe. There are artists in present day that try to emulate her, but there will never again, be another “Marilyn Monroe.”

Blessed Be!

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