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Using Your Talent To Change The World

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Using Your Talent To Change The World

“My hope for myself when I get older and near the end of my life, is to stand before God and be able to say, Father, I used every single bit of talent and love you gave me. Thank You. I will always and forever be thankful for the subtle and big things God blesses with me—everyday that I wake up.”

-Laurara Monique

When it comes to writing, I’m not afraid of being who I am because that’s just part of my personality and the God given talents that I attempt to sharpen, the competition if rough and sometimes it brings you down. The one thing that you have to reminds yourself is, every decline, every “I’m sorry we chose someone else,” means your one step closer to your dreams. And that’s not to say it’s ‘not okay,’ to take a few days and be down about their decision, but it should always shape you in a positive ways—pushing you harder.

You have it in you just don’t stop trying—you have the talent, use it, show it and abuse it.

There are so many people who think that they aren’t good enough to be anything, literally—they don’t push themselves and settle for less. And it makes me wonder why because when I look at them, I see a beauty, talent and passion. They walk past others with their heads down—like their existence is meaningless. Most people feel that there are worth more dead than they are alive and that shouldn’t be how people chasing their dreams should feel—I’ve seen it all too often and honestly, I’ve been a victim of feeling “Not good enough.”

Realize, you are beautiful, you have the power to do whatever you want—who ever you are, man, woman, kid, teenager or successful artists and talents. It’s all about one thing, persistence. Oh my gosh, just have a little more persistence with yourself and I can assure you, you will be grasping your dreams faster than you realize. And if you feel broken, it’s time to pick them up and make changes—change never happens by chance, you must make those changes in the world—the ones you want to see happen. Can you use all of your talents before the time comes when it’s your children’s turn to master their talents?

Lordy, I want to be able to tell God “I used it all, man, every bit of it.” And then I want to watch from the heavens, the chain reaction of love and paying it forward that I hopefully create. I’m not afraid to open up about my life and battles to help another soul—people think that it makes you ‘vulnerable,’ to open up about your trials or how you’re feeling, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. When you share your battles, thoughts and learning’s with the people you feel might need it, you’re giving them a blessing, nobody else can—because they are your thoughts, experience’s and trials and they make you unique to the rest of the world.

And while you’re chasing your wildest dreams don’t forget to love because without love this world wouldn’t be a pleasant place to live—I”ve never seen hate change the world for the better. Pay it forward and constantly look to help in your community.

Blessed Be!

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