Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo Joining Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” Cast!

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Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo Joining Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” Cast!

Ellen Pompeo 5.14.2015Ellen Kathleen Pompeo was born in Everett, Massachusetts and has Italian, Irish and a little bit of English ancestry in her blood. But Ellen is best known for her role on “Grey’s Anatomy,” as Meredith Grey. It’s official Ellen will be joining the cast for Taylor Swifts new music video “Bad Blood.” And when I think of “Grey’s Anatomy,” it’s nearly impossible for me to imagine her in a music video. Either way I’m certain she will do an excellent job because it’s Meredith Grey, come on, she always delivers when it comes to acting.

Taylor Swifts new music video is speculated to premiere at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. That’s when you can get your first peek at the “Bad Blood,” music video. And Taylor Swift was excited this morning when she took to Twitter to announce the next new member of her A-list cast. T-Dawg posted a picture of Ellen and captioning it:

“Meet Luna. @EllenPompeo #BadBloodMusicVideo,” the 25-year-old singer has been working extra hard on her music video and she truly has been casting with good taste. And without good taste, creativity and patience, it would be nearly impossible to make a music video that will catch the attention of her family, friends and fans on all levels, especially emotionally.

And even Ellen Pompeo is excited about landing the part in T-Dawg’s music video. She took to twitter earlier today and tweeted to Swift, saying:

“This girl is a gem (heart)(Kiss) Taylor Swift…. Meet Luna @EllenPompeo #BadBloodMusicVideo,” and posted the picture of “Luna,” so I think it’s safe to say Ellen is going to have to swithch from Meredith Grey’s personality to Bad Blood’s “Luna.”

TaEllen Pompeo T Dawg 5.14.2015ylor Swift is one of a kind and she has a “unique,” voice when it comes to all of her projects. You can always tell that T-dawg left a little bit of her on set, singing, filming—you name it, she can do it or at least try and we are really excited to see Taylor Swifts new music video “Bad Blood.” And now we want to know what you think about Ellen Pompeo joining the cast as “Luna?” And if you’re loving our PCG(Positive Celebrity Gossip), don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter, we love keeping our readers up to date with the latest positive news!!

Blessed Be!

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