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The New Spider-Man is Here!

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Asa+Butterfield+Bad+Grandpa+Premieres+Hollywood+RmymCO8REF2lSpider-man has always been one of the most popular super heroes of all time, being one of the first superheroes to have a relatable backstory allowing a more personal connection to the hero. After Toby McGuire and now Andrew Garfield, Sony and Marvel have decided to go with a younger looking Peter Parker as they believed Andrew Garfield looked too old to be high school aged. According to the Latino Review, their choice for the new Peter Parker will be Asa Butterfield. And if that name doesn’t conjure up a face, think young Hugo Cabret or, more recently, Ender from Ender’s Game. He certainly looks way younger than Andrew Garfield and that is what it seems Sony and Marvel were going for. Interesting enough, like Andrew Garfield before him, Asa is from the UK, giving us yet another british Peter Parker! Before his own movie is settled, Asa will first appear as Spider-man in Captain America: Civil War which is already in the midst of filming. What do you think? Will Asa make a good Peter Parker?

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