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Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran’s Duet Was Touching & Cute!

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Ed and Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran’s Duet Was Touching & Cute!

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran had an awesome time at the MGM Resort on Friday night, they both took the stage and rocked it at the “Rock in Rio USA 2015.” The 25-year-old hottie took the stage with Ed Sheeran during the set of “Tenerife Sea.” And even though she’s been busy working on her new “Bad Blood,” music video with an A-list cast, she’s still making time to sing and enjoy life. Tay mainly performed songs from her new album, including “Shake It Off,” and “Style,” one of my favorites.

And during the duet with Ed Sheeran she played the guitar as he joined her for the duet and she even told the crowd that they were celebrating their “friendaversary,” how adorable. These two make the best example of having a guy as a best friend, don’t you think? The reason they were celebrating their friendship is because it was exactly three-years to yesterday’s date, when they first met for the “Red Tour,” in 2013. Since then, the two have remained good friends and continue to work with one another—it’s great collaboration.

And now back to their set, it was amazing and even Ed took to Twitter after the performance and let all his fans know how much fun it was performing with Taylor Swift, tweeting:

“Loved singing Tenerife Sea with @taylorswift13 tonight. Her new show is stellar too. Thank you rock in rio.”

Boy the MGM festival grounds were quite lucky to have them on stage Friday night, take a look at that picture it was completely packed—and that’s not the end of the line up either, today they can expect Bruno Mars as it’s listed on “Rock in Rio USA 2015’s,” line up. So, if you find yourself in Las Vegas, get some tickets before they sell out, it’s a great time, with great talent! What did you guys think of their performance? We love to hear from our lauraramoniquer’s, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you can stay up to date on your favorite positive celebrity gossip!

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