Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are Self Esteem Boosting Friends!

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By lauraramonique

JUSTIN BIEBER 5.20.2016Our lauraramoniquer’s already know what a sweet heart Justin Bieber has always been. And that’s not changing any time soon. It’s being speculated that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have reconnected and J-Dawg has had been helping Selena feel better about her self-image. The world started attacking Sel earlier this month about “weight gain,” which is ridiculous because after skimming all of the comments, couldn’t help but notice some of the attackers weren’t even as fit as Sel.

Sadly, the world is full of mean and hateful people, we hope that everybody realizes how important it is to point out the positive—we shouldn’t be tearing people down, period. The Inquisitr reported on Justin And Selena Gomez, stating:

“ Justin has been reaching out to Selena via text message. He’s hoping that her boost of confidence will give him the go-ahead to hookup with her. It’s unclear whether Justin and Selena are hooking up or back together, but he has helped made her feel beautiful.” How sweet is that? I mean, that’s the Justin that everybody needs to visualize and realize, his heart exists—mistakes don’t define who you are as a person.

Selena Gomez has also proven to be such an amazing role-model—and correct me if I’m wrong, when you date a person, you tend to be a little more like them and if you take a look at both of Selena and Justin’s persona’s then you can clearly see, they both have hearts of gold. Selena recently did a promo on a Google Hangout chat and she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind about social media, stating:

“I would deactivate every single comment on any social media. I think that you should have an email where you can send in questions but you should be able to post what you want, say what you want, be what you want without anybody judging you or making you feel like your self-value is from an Instagram post or from people liking your post. People get so affected by that and I would change that.” And did you know that there were points in her life, where some of those comments gave her so much anxiety, leaving her own home was scary.

Justin Bieber has been hanging out with his friend Jayde Pierce and of course the media wants to turn the spotting into speculation about dating. Either way, it’s great to know that the Biebs can give Sel such a huge boost in self-esteem and if they are speaking then, we really hope they can solve everything and move forward, after all, it’s almost summer—it would be a perfect time for a romantic vacation, even as friends. What do you lauraramoniquer’s think about the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez boosting one another’s self-esteem?
Don’t you think they should at least remain friends? It’s awesome having someone you can count on and just talk, especially when you can both relate.

I say…… YES!

Blessed Be!

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