What’s Your Dream Video Game?

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8777640Growing up I played a lot of video games with my older brother, which was one of the best times of my childhood. I remember when he first introduced me to games and now, I’m still a girl gamer and proud of it, my favorites are Zelda and Final Fantasy—all  of them. Game Informer asked their readers to pitch their perfect, dream game. And they received some pretty cool ideas, like:

“My dream game would be a game that explores dreams—an MMO where you’re recruited by an organization to protect the conscious minds of people from their evil subconscious thoughts while they sleep. As you level up, you are able to control their dreams and get more powers and weapons. It would also delve into deeper themes such as what is true human nature, our deepest fears, and the battle between the id, ego and superego.” And seriously, that sounds like one badass and intense game idea by Korbin Keller.

But if you were to ask my what my dream game was, I would tell what I wanted in a game that already existed, so bad. I remember being about 14 years-old and I was into Zelda: Ocarina of Time, during the year 2000, it became popular for my generation to look for the “real triforce,” it was said that you could actually get it by doing certain tasks in the game and that it was essentially a glitch—and then it was said it was a surprise. Either way, I spent a lot of time in that conspiracy theory.

A lot of wasted time because IGN cleared up the rumor long before it became popular for my generation—I guess some people just didn’t want to give up. So, my dream game would be a remake of Zelda, with a hidden Triforce that would fill in on the inner menu and allow you to do amazing things, really is that all too much to ask for?


Blessed Be!

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