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Laura Monique’s Hunter High School, Social Dance Class!

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As the bell rang students quickly gathered their things and made way into the halls, not in search of class but friends, just to get a quick word in—that’s all that mattered, that’s why school was fun, classes bored most students and the social interaction is what kept them alive. And of course that meant that some students were excited for their chosen elective and others—well, not so much.

Dancing-in-the-Ballroom-today_jpeg-small_2I looked down at my schedule and saw the words “Social Dance,” I arrived my new class—and my best friend May ran toward me, with the most ridiculous amount of excitement. “It’ll be fun, don’t look so down.” Her tone was happy enough to make me sick, I slide down the concrete wall waiting for the teacher to appear. “The only reason I’m in this class is because of you saying, you didn’t want to take it alone.”

And then more students began walking into the classroom, my attention to whatever May was saying grew faint and everything began to blur, except for him, his jacket, slightly baggy jeans and semi long floppy hair, it dropped perfectly over his amazing blue-ish green eyes. His smile bright, and perfect.I began to laugh under my breath, a little excitement started to build but I wasn’t about to give in, and tell her. So i kept quite, still spaced out.

Finally, I turn to May, she paused and looked seriously at me, “did you hear anything I said,” I had a huge smile on my face. “You saw someone didn’t you.” May laughed and began looking around attempting to guess which boy I had crushed on, so quickly.

I turn to my left where that cute boy had walked in, and smile. Hinting only with my eyes, that I might actually enjoy this class. The teacher walked into the classroom and began speaking.

“My goodness we have  such a large class this block,” we all looked around at one another, now we were really checking one another out. “Okay, so what are you in this class for? I’m going to go around the room and I want you to stand up and state your name and why your taking my Social Dance class. There is no passing, I don’t care if you are just taking this class for credit, you have to learn the dances to pass, so you better get used to it. Unless, you want to go take a gym class and run miles for the next semester? Do we have any volunteers?” She inquired, hands on her hips. Her hair only went to her shoulders but she had a perfect build for dancing.

“Alright, well, let’s get started, make a perfect circle and we’ll start.” The class made a perfect circle and we began the activity.

“My name is Anthony, I’m taking it because I love to dance.” And then he shook his ass, adding a little snap. “Sounds good.” Our teacher laughed. It was my turn, I hated talking, so much. “I’m taking this class because I have too, but I have found dance interesting and I have two left feet, it would be nice if I could actually learn something new.” There was some clapping at this point. I think the student’s wanted to help lift each other, we all felt a little awkward.

Just then I heard a deep voice and a super strong accent talking. “ I am, um, taking dance, I like it.” You could tell he didn’t know much English but he was a handsome kid. May made eye contact with me from across the room and smiled.

She had claimed him already.

The class flew by quickly, as the bell rang quickly, saving him from any more description. “Alright, grab your things, we will be dancing next class. You need to dress comfortable, you wear jeans, you don’t dance.” And we all walked out.

To be continued….

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