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The Night is Still Young, a Young Anthem by Nicki Minaj

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nickiNicki Minaj is an absolute sensation and a great role model for gender equality and love throughout the world. She is known most for her incredible songs Super Bass, Starships, and most recently, Anaconda. The Night is Still Young is her latest single off of her most recent album, The Pinkprint. As is associated with Nicki Minaj’s music, this latest song is definitely a great song to dance to and is bound to be one of the best party songs of the year. And in a quick review of the song, I have to say that Nicki’s vocals in this single are astounding.

First of all, the song. The song is beautiful and is an anthem for young people everywhere, with the chorus repeating “The Night is Still Young and So Are We.” She sings about being a young person partying, drinking, dancing, and enjoying life. Early in the song she sings

I never worry, life is a journey

I just wanna enjoy the ride

What is the hurry? It’s pretty early

It’s ok, we’ll take our time

We’re just gettin’ started, yeah, yeah

Can’t you see the night’s still early

These lyrics let us know that we should enjoy life, as it is so limited. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to fall into what others tell us to do; rather, we should enjoy life, do what we want. She says to shoot for the stars, which is exactly what you should do. Never give up on your dreams, because if you work hard, the dreams will become reality.

The video goes with the song perfectly. It cuts between the absolutely gorgeous Nicki Minaj and some young people running around the city enjoying themselves riding motorcycles, skateboards, and running in the cool night air. It has visuals of the busy city flying past young love, staring at the moon. It really gives you the feeling that, as she says in the song, there is no hurry – take your time. The Night is Still Young.

Great song and great video Nicki! As always, we look forward to your incredible music to come. Much love from us!


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