Eva Mendes supports PETA with her new makeup line

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evamendesEva Mendes is an exceptional actor from Florida. She has been in a number of amazing movies such as Hitch, The Other Guys, and 2 Fast 2 Furious and even known for lending her lovely voice to a few songs. She’s a Cuban-American full of beauty in more ways than just physical. She is brilliant and has supported several charities in her career. She has been known to be incredibly supportive of breast cancer research, and has been a PETA model for their anti-fur campaign. But now, she’s lending her name to something else, and something very important for her, and for the world.

Eva Mendes has, with the support of PETA, released a cruelty-free makeup line by the name of CIRCA. Joining the likes of Drew Barrymore, Miranda Kerr, Alicia Silverstone, and Jessica Alba, Eva Mendes is a really standout person in support of stopping animal cruelty. As far as the makeup line is concerned, Eva Mendes remarked on how important it was to have an affordable “drug-store” makeup that was quality and was built for every shade.

“Growing up, I was from a very lower-middle class family, and I really got all my makeup and products from drugstores,” Eva Mendes said. “But the quality of the products just wasn’t there.”

We think it’s great, Eva. And we wish you the best and thank you for standing up for animals, creatures without a voice that deserve to be protected and loved.

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