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Sharon And Kelly Osbourne Join Cancer Research UK’s Race For Life!

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Sharon And Kelly Osbourne Join Cancer Research UK’s Race For Life.

Sharon Osbourne has been through enough with cancer to know the importance of taking it down and supporting those that have cancer. She is an example to many because she fought and beat cancer in 2002, when she had colon cancer. Then, it decided to attack again after she was diagnosed with the BRCA1 gene—making Sharon Osbourne have a double mastectomy in the year of 2012. And supporting Cancer Research is important to her and that’s just what she is doing with “Cancer Research UK’s Race For Life.” And she isn’t going alone either because her daughter Kelly Osbourne will be joining her.

She seems excited as she spoke about her past trial, stating:

”I’m honored to be supporting Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life this year. As a cancer survivor myself, I know it takes all your strength and the support of your family and friends to overcome this disease,” Sharon stated. “I’m asking every woman – mother, daughter, grandmother, sister and auntie in the UK to step forward and unite to defy cancer. Let’s show cancer that hell hath no fury like a woman in pink.” Kelly Osbourne had to watch her mother endure that and she can relate to those that have cancer—or have someone who has cancer.

She’s honored to be a part of the “Cancer Research UK’s Race For Life,” stating:

”After watching my mum go through colon cancer and the recent news that I’m carrying the BRCA1 gene, just like my mum, I wanted to show my support for Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life,” Kelly said. “By signing up to your local Race for Life event, every pound you raise will help bring forward the day when all cancers are cured. So whether you walk, jog or charge, let’s unite so we can one day end the suffering cancer causes millions of people around the world.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself Kelly, I’m proud of you both for being strong and fighting like soldiers, that’s what’s up. Much love to Sharon and Kelly Osbourne!

Blessed Be!

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