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Provocative Netflix Documentary “Hot Girls Wanted” Will Piss You Off!

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Hot Girls WantedAlright peeps, if you’re the type of person who never could quite understand the “porn,” industry, then Netflix has a documentary for you to watch. That’s right, there’s a new very provocative Netflix documentary that takes an inside look at the young women who take part in filming amateur porn. Producer Rashida Jones takes his viewers on a trip inside the world of the young porno stars—but the kick of the documentary, it focuses on life after set wraps up and the cameras stop rolling.

Variety’s Geoff Berkshire opened up about the film stating:

“it will shock and outrage audiences in equal measure.”

The film “Hot Girls Wanted,” was created, to expose the appalling business and show millions of women what they are getting themselves into when taking part of these “good,” opportunities. One woman in the film even admitted that she was terrified when approached by ‘a man,’ stating:

“I was terrified, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know if I could tell him no.” And that’s down right unacceptable, so if you need another million reasons to hate pornography, then this is the documentary for you but be warned, there’s no holding back. And girls if you ever feel threatened, then you know it’s not the job for you and if you like doing this type of work—sweet deal, everybody is different, right? And if you haven’t heard of the film check out the trailer below. And don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter, we love you Lauraramoniquers!

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