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How Stepping Into Someone Else’s Shoes Can Change Your Life!

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The truth is people don’t really care about anyone but themselves and I don’t care how wrong you think I might be, that’s the truth from my perspective. I mean, think about it this way, how many times in your life were you surprised when someone did you wrong? How about when your boyfriend cheated on you—or your best friend turned their back on you. It’s a pretty shitty feeling isn’t it? Especially, ESPECIALLY, when you THINK you’ve done all the right things, just the right way and you take zero blame then your acting selfish. I’ve been there, I’ve done that and I’m not afraid to admit it because life is about improvement.

That’s how human beings learn, we make mistakes, fall and rise.

What were you doing there, though? You were thinking about yourself and not the other person, that’s what you’re doing. You know, if more people took the time to place themselves in others shoes before making a harsh judgment or rational decision, the world would be a better place. I feel like less divorces and breakups would happen. There have been times in my life where I’ve disagreed with someone and instead of looking at it from their perspective, I wouldn’t give their opinion any thought, it just didn’t matter.

I was being selfish and looking out for myself. Now a days, I’ve tried to learn all that I can from the past. And that’s something I learned, try to understand your partner, your friend or whoever before cutting them off, thinking they are terrible and frankly, unrighteously judging someone—because it can hurt. Now that I’ve baffled on and wasted your time about a random thought of mine, I’ll let you be on your way BUT not before you, pretty please, subscribe to our Newsletter and stay active, we love keeping you updated with the latest PCG.

Blessed Be

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