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Happy Birthday Johnny Depp! You’re Turning 25, Right?!

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Happy Birthday Johnny Depp! You’re Turning 25, Right?!

Today is a very special day for the star of the 1990’s hit film, “Cry Baby.” That’s right folks, today is Johnny Depp’s 52nd Birthday. And I can’t help think back to his earlier days, like when he first started acting. And I think it was that one little tear from “Cry Baby,” that made the biggest difference in his career.

Johnny Depp has focused a lot of his career on acting and filming. And today we just want to give him a huge shout out and say thank you for being an example in the film industry. And a good man in general because without his simple presence in the film industry, many films would be WAY different.

You’re a legend and always will be in my eyes! HAPPY 52ND BIRTHDAY YOU OLD DOG, MUCH LOVE!

Blessed Be!

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