Kanye West And Justin Bieber Kick It At The Staples Center!

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Kanye West Birthday

Kanye West And Justin Bieber Kick It At The Staples Center.

Kim Kardashian loves her man Kanye and when Birthday time comes around, it’s a big deal. Yesterday, Kim rented out the entire Staples Center for her loves 38th birthday party but this isn’t the first time Kim Kardashian has rented out a venue for her man.

Do you guys remember October 2013? They were able to reserve San Francisco’s AT&T park for Kim Kardashian’s wedding proposal on her 33rd birthday, he had a special wedding proposal and it was absolutely romantic.

Even her sister Khloe was excited about the whole event, uploading a photo her Instagram and captioning it:

“Kim rented out staples bitch!!! Him and his boys are going to ball!!!! Happy birthday Yeezy!!!!”

We can even add some more cherries on top of the ice cream, Justin Bieber even took part in the big event. Everybody that was able to make it out to Kanye West’s birthday party, had a good time playing some ball and just kicking back and enjoying life.

Justin posted the picture to Instagram, looks like he had a pretty good game, with his handsome hair are flopped over and you can just tell he gave it his all—we’re glad that everybody had a good time. It’s great to see Kanye West and Justin Bieber surrounded by a group of friends, that they can be themselves around. Proud of you boys!

Kanye, Happy late birthday bro, keep keepin’ it real. And hey, don’t forget to sign up for our Newsletter and check out our forums. Now, you can discuss the news you read with other Lauraramoniquer’s!

Blessed Be!

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