Justin Bieber Reflects On How His Life Helps Him As A Musician.

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Justin Bieber 1Justin Bieber everybody—he’s on point with the direction he’s pushing his life and he’s pushing nothing but positive vibes. The Biebs has been putting everything he has into  studio time according to US Magazine.

J-Dawg really feels like he puts a lot into his music, especially since he’s growing up and gaining new experiences and just being “human,” isn’t that what life is all about? Justin feels that growth helps him with producing music, stating:

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“I don’t know about positive changes. I just mean, I’m a human being. So I’m growing as a man, and you just figure some certain things out that you’re okay with, and what you believe in. I can’t really say that I’ve made any mistakes, but that I’m just human, you know? And I think that that, in general, just growth helps me with my music. Like I put everything in my music, like everything I have, because that’s what I’m made for. I’m super creative, I’m always in the studio. So my growth is definitely a big part of my music, my creativity.”

And he isn’t lying there, the Biebs is creative as hell and it shows in everything that he pursues. Great job Justin, keep up the great work and positive attitude, it matters—and guys, don’t forget to sign up for our Newsletter and check out our forums.

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