What Taylor Swift Taught Me About Keeping A Journal!

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What Taylor Swift Taught Me About Keeping A Journal.

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Taylor Swift had it right when she said “Your feelings are so important to write down, to capture, and to remember because today your heartbroken but tomorrow you’ll be in love again. And you’ll appreciate it more when you can go back and read your journal and realize that the happiness you have is special because yesterday, you cried.” There are so many times in our lives when we are ‘in the moment,’ and everything feels out of control and let’s be honest, a lot of times life is out of control. I know what I feels like but if you can push yourself to look forward and to love rather than hate, it’s true, you will appreciate whatever you have in your future that much more.

There are always going to be hard times, it’s the test of life and how you handle it will depict the type of person you are and become to the world. So, I have one question for you? What is it that you want to be? Taylor even had it right when she said:

“So many things would be different if I hadn’t experienced failure and if I hadn’t been harshly criticized every step of the way. So that’s what gives me faith: even if you made a mistake in the past, or you didn’t do something quite as well as you wanted to, these are the things we learn from – it’s not useless.”

Now, go be it, do what you have to do to heal, reach your dreams or fall in love—because life is too short to spend reminiscing on what could have been, it should always be, what’s next?

T-Dawg has proven to be an amazing friend to literally, everybody she encounters, she humbly helps the needy and her best friends adore having her in their world. Taylor chose to be a person with a kind heart. And that’s a choice we can all make, even when it’s hard.

I know in my life when I look back at my struggles, the ones that seemed so big and terrible, they were… meaningless. I learned to ask myself “Will this matter in 5 years?” I’ll never forget my good friend who taught me to question each circumstance I face with that simple question.

If you don’t keep a journal—maybe you should. It’s interesting to look back and see what mattered before versus how you feel now, it’s healthy to see that what you thought was a permanent feeling, was nothing more than a small trial, a stepping stone to becoming a better you and appreciating the right one, or job—or whatever it might be that you desire.

Never forget, life goes on….

Blessed Be

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