What Justin Bieber Taught Me About Life And Talent!

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By lauraramonique

What Justin Bieber Taught Me About Life And Talent.

tumblr_n91tp4hjZa1tblacpo1_540A wise young man once said, “No matter how talented you are not everyone is going to like you but that’s life, stay strong,” and “People are going to say what they want about u. It happens. Sometimes u lose your cool. But be kind. Know your heart!”  And boy if I didn’t know my heart—maybe I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. Justin Bieber is a young man with a big heart and while he is in the limelight, people are always waiting for him to fall. What would you do if the mistakes you made as a kid were highlighted in every Newspaper and Magazine? I mean, even egging houses for example, I remember being in High School and waking up to our whole neighborhood being egged but because Justin’s in the limelight it sounds so much worse.

And that’s where staying strong comes into play, no matter who you are, what you do—or what your goals are in this life, there will always be someone to hate you, despise you….

And they wait for your fall. Don’t give them any satisfaction!

Seeing you rise is their worst nightmare and you have to learn to turn the other cheek and “know your heart,”  because you can be the best singer, writer, photographer, choreographer, manager, pharmacist or housekeeper—there’s always someone. Justin Bieber taught me that life isn’t easy, not in the limelight and not out of it. The important thing is to stay strong and not give into being negative and letting those persona’s effect your life.

J-Dawg taught me to appreciate God because he gave me my talent and we aren’t here to impress one another, we’re here, simply to bless one another. Justin Bieber Bless Not ImpressJustin, you have this positive light about you and it shines every day. Don’t change and thank you for influencing the world to always stay positive even when life gets rough. It’s true, not everybody will like you but it’s your choice to care or love them and forgive them anyway, right?


Blessed Be!

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