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The Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame Welcomes Lady Gaga!

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Lady Gaga And Tony Bennet

The Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame Welcomes Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga had a big day on Thursday at “The Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame.” And it was definitely a throw back Thursday because she was rockin’ that “Beetle Juice,” striped suit. And she wasn’t alone, Tony Bennett posed with her backstage, with a huge thumbs up!

“The Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame Contemporary Icon Award. This has to be my favorite award I’ve ever gotten, I still remember dragging my keyboard up the stair of my walk up to play songwriter showcases and apply to be in songwriting forums where I could play my music for other artists and we’d critique each other. I was 15 then. I’m 29 now. In my head this is how I planned it, following all the roads I thought were right. But i’m not sure I thought about what I’d do if I never made it. Cuz I’d forever be trying.”

Don’t you guys think she earned The Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame award? I mean, she worked so hard creating amazing, catchy tunes and I am a big fan of her collaboration with Tony, it was absolutely amazing. It’s crazy how fast time flies, one day your 15-years-old and the next your one of the most famous women in the world. And if you’re enjoying our positive celebrity gossip, don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter.

That’s what’s up, girl!

Blessed Be!

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