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How People Should Really Be Acting Toward Justin Bieber. The Bullying About His Cancellation Is Unacceptable!

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JustinJustin Bieber has been working hard in the studio, creating his new album. The Biebs has promised all his “Belibers,” a new and fresh sound.

Creating music takes a lot of time and effort. You don’t just walk into the studio and magically have a hit album. The time and patience that goes into creating an album can be quite daunting but the Biebs never gives up and always continues to do his best.

Recently, UK Media have decided to tear J-dawg down with their inaccurate reports revolving around his recent UK cancelation. And the thing is 99.9% of those people have no idea what it takes to be in the limelight. Have you ever stopped to think what needs to go down before a tour can begin?

It’s understandable that many fans were excited but sending disrespectful tweets is bullying. And it’s absolutely unacceptable and that’s the one thing J-dawg can’t stand, negative personalities and people that throw others to the ground.

And to that, all I have to say is, grow up and look at the big picture, if you want a good performance, you have to let the man work. The Biebs is always trying his best to bless peoples lives, whether it’s on knock knock live, Ellen or on the street.

He’s got nothing but love for his fans. So, why whine? Why cuss him out? Instead, you should be an example, loving and forgiving.

The world doesn’t know what goes on in his personal life and job. And while it’s still unknown what caused the cancelation, it shouldn’t matter. What if it’s a personal medical issue, shouldn’t you be worried and concerned about your “Idol?”

If you’re truly a “Beliber,” then shouldn’t you care about his well being, instead of what song he’s going to sing for you? Grow up.

Treat others the same way you want to be treated. And don’t act like you’ve never had to miss a special occasion either. Don’t forget, even the Biebs has a boss.

J-dawg, don’t stress it. There are fake people everywhere in this world. Keep looking to God and following your heart in the studio. Everything will work out man.

Blessed Be!

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