Nick Jonas Visits Radio Disney Studios And Talks About The Key To Happiness

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Nick Jonas Visits Radio Disney Studios And Talks About The Key To Happiness

Nick Jonas has such a positive mind and attitude, no matter the circumstances. And it was just Tuesday this week that he arrived at Radio Disney Studios for an interview.

The 22-year-old hottie has been keeping busy promoting his upcoming single, “Levels,” set to drop this Friday. He’s super pumped and can’t wait for all his fans to hear his new jam.

Get ready for August 21st everybody, it’s going to be amazing—I mean all his music is, don’t you think?

I think his talent comes from his personality, Nick Jonas is purely himself, he doesn’t try to be like anybody else in the lime-light, he is more of a leader and an inspiration. And that’s because his positive outlook on life. And in his recent interview with Radio Disney studios, he wasn’t afraid to talk about the key to happiness in this life, stating:

“The secret to happiness? Keeping your friends really close and your family really close. Although my brothers and I aren’t making music together anymore, we definitely are each other’s best friends. That support system is the key.” adding “Listen to great music.”

Nick Jonas couldn’t have described happiness any better folks. And don’t forget to love yourself because that’s when you start becoming contagious to everybody else.

Great work Nick! Our studio is pumped to hear the new single “Levels.” And we want to hear from YOU! Lauraramoniquer’s are you pumped? Tell us, why or why not!

Blessed Be!

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