Alex Mclsaac Captures The Love of a Las Vegas Policeman! And He Wasn’t The Only Cop Feeling The Positive Vibes!

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EDC was full of love, the positive vibes were overwhelming and contagious. And even Las Vegas Police were emulating pure, utter happiness.Alex McIsaac couldn’t help but notice the extreme positive vibes coming from one of the officers at the event, stating:EDC-LAS-VEGAS-POLICE-POSITIVE-VIBES

“This cop was such a sweetheart. He had a big smile on his face and was loving the music. I could feel his positive, friendly energy from twenty feet away and it drew me straight to him. When I asked if I could give him a Kandi, he excitedly said that he would love one! He even knew the handshake. Smile He talked to me for a few minutes and then I left him with a hug. It’s rare to find a good cop these days…it was so refreshing to meet this one”

The media likes to focus on stories that are negative, about how ALL police are corrupt and they ALL stand against us, as citizens. And that’s not fair, that’s bullying in its own way. I don’t support the ‘corrupt police,’ but you have to draw the line at blaming everybody. This just shows how awesome of an event it was, it’s all about expression. And accepting everyone as they are, what you put out into the world will come back at you, that’s for sure!

A smile at a stranger can change their whole mood; It’s even happened to me. EDC was filled with people ready to make others smile and have a good time, even these amazing Policemen, who make sure that everybody can have an awesome evening.

Alex, this was amazing, thank you for bringing out the positive in something that has received so much negative backlash. You’re truly one of a kind and you have an amazing heart! That’s what’s up, Girl!

And another Facebook User shared this awesome picture! <3


Blessed Be!

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