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Drag Me Down Music Video By “One Direction,” Might Be In Production At NASA!

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Drag-Me-Down-Music-Video-One-DirectionOne Direction is getting pretty pumped for their upcoming music video for their popular single “Drag Me Down.” The song is absolutely amazing and literally, nothing less than perfect.

And the song is completely relateable. That makes for the best kind of music.

It’s also been speculated that the “Drag Me Down,” music video might be filmed at NASA in Texas. And if that’s the case, the “Drag Me Down,” Music video is going to be astronomical!

Does that mean someone leaked the video or some pictures, well, we don’t know because we are going to wait until the boys release the video OFFICIALLY.

I mean, they work so hard, it shouldn’t be completely spoiled, right? Great job guys, we are super pumped and we can’t wait—check back on their OFFICIAL RELEASE day for updated news about “One Direction,” and the “Drag Me Down,” Music Video.


Drag Me Down Music Video – Live!

[yt4wp-video video_id=”6vgs7gIeMis”]

Blessed Be!

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