What Anna Kendrick Taught Us About Growing Up!

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By lauraramonique

Anna-Kendrick-On-LifeAnna Kendrick knows how to be awesome on screen and off screen, where it matters the most. In a recent interview with Elle, Anna opened up about turning 30 years-old, stating:

“I guess I’ll find out in a lot of ways. I started calling myself 30 when I turned 29. I feel really ready for it. I feel like in your twenties you have to put up with a lot of bullshit. I know you have to in your 30s as well, but you can always say, You know what? I’m 30-goddamned years old so I’m going to go home before 2am because I can. I’m excited for that.”

Truth. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I have also found it easier to call myself a year older than I truly am. I feel like I’m always ready to grow, especially from the trials and situations we go through in life. And when it comes to life and advice, Anna shares the best advice she’s ever received, stating:

“I guess I always wanted to [act]. I remember when I was getting ready to perform at the Oscars with Neil Patrick Harris, I ran into James Gordon from Into the Woods, and I told him how nervous I was and he said, “You have to enjoy yourself because the 13-year-old you would punch yourself if you didn’t.” I try to keep that in mind. I think that’s really great advice for everybody. To enjoy yourself in the good moments, and to push yourself in the hard moments.”

That’s the truth—you are only as old as you let yourself feel. So, have some fun!

As much as we would love to see Anna Kendrick in new films, she has confirmed some time off, stating:

“For the first time in a long time, I don’t have my next film planned, which is a good feeling because I haven’t had more than a couple weeks off in like three years. I’m hoping to take the time to actually live in my own house for a month or something. That would be really nice.”

That’s what’s up! Keep up the great work girl.

Blessed Be!

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