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Justin Bieber Lands No. 1 For “Billboard Hot 100! ‘What Do You Mean?’

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86854252Justin Bieber may have woke up feeling like the proudest and happiest man alive—especially when he received either the ‘phone call,’ or ‘text,’ saying that his new hit song “What Do You Mean?” has topped the “Billboard Hot 100.”

And it’s time for a celebration because despite his other hits like “Boyfriend,”which did hit the list at No. 2 back in 2012, this is different, Justin Bieber is now feeling the rush of being on top of “The Billboard Hot 100.”

Scooter Bruan was also “happy,” when he spoke to Billboard, stating:

“I’m happy to see Justin doing what he does best: music.”

And even Steve Bartels was pumped for Justin Biebers success, stating:

“I am thrilled for Justin, who put so much heart, soul and hard work into creating and launching this song,” Steve Bartels, Def Jam CEO, stated. “I’m also very proud of the way the Scooter Braun team and the Def Jam family came together to execute this effort, with the vision and the goal of Justin’s first-ever Hot 100 chart-topper. [It’s] a reminder of what an important global star Justin has become, with worldwide chart milestones being achieved daily as the song resonates. Today’s Hot 100 No. 1 is an historic accomplishment, yet it’s only the beginning of the excitement that lies ahead for Beliebers across the globe.”

Honestly, it is great to see Justin doing what he loves—especially because he’s been given the freedom to be himself. That’s what’s up right there, music is amazing, especially when you don’t have criteria to follow and you can just be you.

Keep up the great work guys, here’s a huge “yippie,” for Justin Bieber and his crew, everybody matters.

Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean?

Blessed Be!

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