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Latest Celebrity Gossip | Popular Today!

Celebrities, celebrities and more celebrities. We love the latest celebrity gossip. But what about the latest positive celebrity news? Doesn’t ‘positive,’ sound better than to feen for “break ups,” “arrests,” “divorces,” and what I call the “celebrity dirt closet,” in which people lower their talents to write about the hardships of others.

Well, this is not that website, so welcome!

We always want to bring out the best in people—let us never forget that we are all imperfect and media outlets across the United States and in all countries focus on the negative.

And our goal is to bring you latest celebrity gossip, film news, upcoming concerts, EDM news and so much more, just check out some of our recent celebrity gossip stories.

Most Popular Celebrity Gossip Stories This Week On PCG & From Around The Web!
Emma Approved Wins Emmy | Brent Bailey Reacts & Discusses His Next Project Exclusively On PCG!


Emma Approved is the perfect modern day adaptation, drawing you in from the very first episode. Emma Approved has already won an Emmy for Interactive Storytelling. Emma tries to make peoples lives better and unwanted drama tags along…

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Justin Bieber ‘Think It Up’ Charity Telethon Video: See Him Perform “What Do You Mean?”


Justin Bieber takes part in a charity that helps challenge students and their education! It’s important for you to go above and beyond your expectations while in school—your dreams aren’t too far away.

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Carrie Ann Inaba and Other Stars Support Remember Me Thursday Pet Adoption Awareness Campaign


Carrie Ann Inaba and other celebs are set to be a part of the 3rd Annual Remember Me Thursday, which strives to bring awareness to loving, adoptable pets out there

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Blessed Be!

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