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Orange is The New Black | Best Netflix Original Series & Amazing Characters!

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Best Netflix Original Series

Orange is The New Black is an amazing series about females who are locked up in prison, some are there for legit reasons and others, well, not so much.

OITNB-2015And I truly don’t want to spoil the show—all I can say is, this Netflix original series is the shit and it’s because of how the show was put together, all the way from pre-production to post production.

Not to mention one fucking awesome cast and crew. I mean, every character like, “Piper Chapman”, “Uzo Adubda(better known as crazy eyes,’”Alex Vause(known for her role in ‘That 70’s show as “Donna”),Nicki and even the beautiful “Ruby Rose,” have such unique personalities.

Ruby-Rose-OITNBAnd in my opinion bring a lot to the show. But those aren’t the only characters I adore, they’re all amazing, especially Nicki, girl you freaking have been through hell and back and we are so proud of your talent and of your achievements in life.

You deserve it.

I have to also bring up the crew because without a good crew, the vision can’t be properly created and delivered to the audience. Here’s a big shout out to you all as well.

Nicki-OITNBIf you haven’t seen the series, you should at least give it a chance. It might not duplicate the exact world of prison, but I would imagine women are just as intuitive and creative as they are in the show. It’s about the plot, the struggles, the trials in life that each character has endured.

It’s about the friendship built, yet secretly hidden because emotions aren’t taken lightly, especially when the person you once loved, turns against you; and all you have are these memories and a taller wall for someone else to break.

That’s what makes this the best series, we’ve all been through struggles and in life we go through things, it happens, we’ve all been Donna-OITNBthrough shit and this Netflix original series is among the best and most diverse.

My husband and I watched the whole series—and even he did enjoy it. Have any of my Lauraramoniquer’s watched this Netflix original series, yet? If so, what did you think?

Are you excited for the next season? It’s right around the corner, no official date yet, but it’s slated for 2016, so, just be patient, the best films and television series weren’t made in a day, month and sometimes, year.

But it’s coming; and if you haven’t yet, please subscribe to our Newsletter, it keeps you updated with the latest celebrity gossip and industry news in a positive light.

Blessed Be!

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