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Jennifer Lopez Joins Forces With UN Foundation, Changing The World One Woman At A Time!

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Jennifer Lopez And The UN Foundation?

Jennifer Lopez has always been a positive advocate for many charities. And recently J-Lo was named the very first “Global Advocate,” for girls and women all over the world.

Look to the Stars has stated that Jennifer will be working to shed light on the needs and rights of girls and women across the globe. The new position is in support of the UN Secretary-Genera’s “Every Woman, Every Child,” initiative.

Every Woman Every Child Commitment:

“Every Woman Every Child is a multi-stakeholder movement to implement the United Nations’ Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health that will be launched by the UN Secretary-General in September 2015 in support of the forthcoming Sustainable Development Goals framework.


Since 2010, Every Woman Every Child has mobilized hundreds of partners for maximum effect, with more than 300 organizations, having made commitments to advance the Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health. All partners have an important role to play: governments and policy makers, donor countries and philanthropic institutions, the United Nations and other multilateral organizations, civil society, the business community, health workers and their professional associations, and academic and research institutions.
Those interested can contribute to the Every Woman Every Child movement by making a commitment that helps to fulfill the aims of the Global Strategy – and achieve better health for women, children and adolescents around the world. To make a commitment, click here.
Choose from the menu at the right to explore commitments made to date in support of Every Woman Every Child. We have already seen remarkable progress—funding has been increased and US$ 34.2 billion of all committed funds has been disbursed as of May 2014, numerous commitments have been implemented and enhanced, new partners have come on board, policies improved and services strengthened on the ground.”

Kathy Calvin, who is president and CEO of the UN Foundation has opened up about working with Jennifer Lopez, stating:

“We are thrilled to work with Jennifer Lopez, who will lend her powerful voice to one of the most important causes of our generation – empowering girls and women. Today, not a single country in the world has achieved gender equality. This is unacceptable and everyone – including men and boys – has suffered because of it. As the world comes together around the new global goals for sustainable development this month, we have an unprecedented opportunity to effect the necessary change. We can – and must – put the needs and rights of girls and women on center stage – and we are honored to have Jennifer Lopez help us in our efforts.”

Jennifer Lopez will be helping in many ways, including with some of their programs like, “maternal health,” and “ending gender based violence.” J-Lo is looking to make a difference and she’s definitely in the right place and she thinks it’s because her experience as a mother, stating:

“Becoming a mother has made me more aware of the struggles of women and children throughout the world,” Jennifer stated. “While some progress has been made, there is still a lot more work that needs to be done for gender equality and universal access to medical care. I am happy to be joining the UN Foundation and eager to lend my voice and ensure that all girls and women are safe, healthy, educated and empowered.”

The UN Foundation is blessed to have Jennifer Lopez aboard and it’s great to see she’s excited and ready to take on her new role. And her first event will be taking place Friday, September 25, 2015.

Jennifer will be speaking about the business side, for investing in girls, women and gender equality. It’s going to be an awesome high-level event with some great information by one talented woman.

Great job Jennifer, this is going to be such a great experience for you and we are excited to follow you on this journey with the UN Foundation. You’re already helping the world become a better place for girls and women across the globe.

Blessed Be!

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