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Pencils-of-Promise-Justin-Bieber-Kids.jpgIt was just two-years ago from Saturday, when Justin Bieber made a trip out to the jungles of Guatemala, his goal? Well, the Biebs went to help a group of less fortunate villagers and help build a schoolhouse. After all, education should always be top priority.

Justin was set to perform that night in Guatemala City—and right after the show, he made his way to the jungle to volunteer his time and help build that amazing school that’s still in use today, all because the “Pencils of Promise,” charity.

Justin has broken a lot of records this year—and he’s also breaking records for the most granted wishes for the “Make a Wish Foundation,” and the Biebs simply states, he loves doing it and that’s why he does it, he likes to help people.

After his experience in Guatemala he privately opened up the camera privately, stating:

“It was a wakeup call. Any problem I have is nothing at all. These kids have nothing at all. They have absolutely nothing. No food, no water, no education, and yet we’re stressing over little things. They are just so happy…I gotta say that it’s selfish of me…but it’s the best selfishness possible. I am doing it because it makes me happy, but it’s also helping so many other amazing people. I met this beautiful girl named Shelley and instantly we had a great connection.”

And since it’s Thursday, we can throw back to that and remember what an awesome, loving, kind and giving person the Biebs has always been, his heart is golden.

You keep being you J-dawg, you’re an amazing influence and we are proud to be following you on this POSITIVE journey


| TBT: Justin Bieber Visits Guatemala & Helps Build School |


Lauraramoniquers! Do you remember when Justin Bieber helped out and built this school? Pretty amazing, huh? Let us know what you thought in the comments, BE-LOW.

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Blessed Be!

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